Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Following in the frightening footsteps of "25 Random Facts You Don't Know About Me," Facebook denizens have created a new layer of hell: "Tag Your Friends."

This extremely annoying exercise in GIVE ME ATTENTION has manifested itself in the form of tagging your the your friends as Disney Princesses, Gossip Girls, (not real) South Park characters, Pokemon (gotta catch 'em all), and--most notoriously--Mr. Men/Little Miss characters.

Now, I'm all for the Facebook and fooling around by tagging people as things they are not, but when all of your photos tagged are random incarnations of shoes that a "clever" friend felt the need to alert you of, it's time to stop.

This is a call to action for Facebookers: untag yourself and rid yourself of the eyesores of Facebook created by people who have no time on their hands and who still cling to the past expressions of social networking

Come one people: this is 2009--not 2001.

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