Tuesday, April 14, 2009


It's official: BestWeekEver.TV is over.

For a long time, Kristen and I were BWE.TV frequenters who salivated, waiting for every new post. We anxiously awaited the new Celebrity Math, Conversations with Winehouse, and Project Runway Recaps and were always pleased with the results. Yet, the past few months on the blog have been marked by a distinct downturn into Not Funny Land.

We have many hypotheses as to what has caused the almost absurd turn but the main one is that Sara Schaefer, which has resulted in Death taking Dan Hopper and Michelle Collins by the hand and ushering them to a guillotine for beheading/killing their blog. 

With the introduction of the ghastly Blingee Wednesdays, BWE.TV entered an era of "We're trying to capitalize on things that happened 5 minutes ago." Along with Blingees, the site has forfeited its self-deprecating funny and has been replaced with "LOOK WHAT WE FOUND ON THE INTERWEB LOL (No, we didn't find this on DListed)" and Michelle Collins' shameless self-promotions.

Kristen and I have gone from checking BWE.TV every hour to maybe once a week (and when we do check it, it results in rants about how bad it's become). The final straw for us was the disappointing 90s Movie Madness competition. I have to admit, tis was a great idea, but when you put fucking Clueless in your final four and allow it to lose Clerks and go on to allow Clerks to win the title, something is wrong with your site.

I am saying it now loud and clear: BWE.TV is dead. It has become the Dane Cook of pop culture blogs. Pray for it to shrivel and fade away or for Sara's return. Actually, don't pray for Sara's return: pray for her to take over Jimmy Fallon's job.

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