Wednesday, February 18, 2009


As a lowly media worker I may not get paid much (YET YET YET) but I am pretty much guaranteed to be able to drink my salary's worth of Diet Coke in the office, effectively doubling what I make which in turn makes me feel a lot better about myself. Yesterday I went to go grab a cup but a clear substance came out. Maybe some pranksters or dub room ghosts replaced it with Crystal Pepsi. FOOLED AGAIN. It was water. BLEH! I calmed down, took a few deep breaths, and went to Walgreens to make sure I could sustain my addiction another day longer. Today however, put my cup under the fountain and STILL NO DIET COKE. No one else seemed too worried so I carried on with my day until THIS HAPPENED:

"What financial crisis?" indeed! Boy, when it hits, it hits hard. I walked all the way up ONE FLIGHT of stairs to swipe some and scurried back down before anyone noticed I actually went to another floor to get some soda instead of just having some Flavia time. When I got back, I had an email to join the company Weight Watchers meetings. Are you trying to tell me something, Employer? Now I know those stairs will do me good but its DIET COKE.

PS - Is it just me or has this blog been really girl wearing a skirt as a top lately?

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  1. I think is a litlle bit "girl wearing a skirt as a top" blog but...isss goood! But that addiction on diet coke need to get over, better than Pepsi anyway(baaahhh)! The real addicts (like me) always drink the original Coke!:)